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Hi, I'm Dev! I'm a white, queer, disabled, non-binary, neuro-divergent theatre artist in the Houston area. I focus on teaching middle and high school-age students, preparing them for auditions, shows, competitions, and the theatrical college application process while building a strong foundation of technique and knowledge for the art form. You can read reviews from students and parents here! I think they give the best picture of what it's like to work with me!

Security, joy, and growth are the foundation of Coaching with Dev – creating an artistic space that breaks away from the restrictive, demeaning, and often abusive structures most artists have been educated in. Coaching with Dev fosters an environment where students learn and improve in their artistry, but also leave feeling confident, seen, and supported. I believe in a student-led curriculum because one size has never fit all and it's a wonderful opportunity to teach young artists how to advocate for themselves and their needs.


  • Diversity & Equity

  • Mental Health in the Arts

  • People over Projects

  • Acting as a Business

If you'd like more details, you can find my Executive Summary here!

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