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Why Acting Lessons?

People take acting lessons for a variety of reasons. Acting lessons are a wonderful avenue to instill more self-confidence, prepare for public speaking, inspire creativity & problem solving skills, learn communication skills,  and relieve stress & tension! In addition to all the life skills acting gifts you with - private lessons are important for every actor at any level. Taking private lessons helps you hone your craft, prepare for auditions, get an individualized experience not available in productions or large classes, and expand your knowledge and technique in a safe environment. From Will Smith to Sadie Sink, the best are the best because of private coaching.


GROUP & CORPORATE BOOKINGS: For group sessions, please reach out for an estimate. Dependant on goals, number of people, and other factors pricing will be customized.

All bookings are virtual, if you would like for me to travel there is an additional travel fee if not within 15 miles of the Energy Corridor. (Houston, TX)

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