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GROUP & CORPORATE BOOKINGS: For group sessions, please reach out for an estimate. PRICE: CUSTOMIZED

COLLEGE PREP: One hour lessons on a weekly basis until February/March of senior year. Recording for self-submissions also provided for an additional fee. (Customized based on number of recordings/edits needed.) Recommended start is January - May of Junior Year

How Does Billing Work?

Students are billed monthly based on weekly lessons. You will never be billed on a subscription basis, which means - you'll never pay for a lesson you don't take! Schedules are finalized by the 15th, invoices are sent out the last week of each month, and payment is due the 1st of the next month. Payment can be made via

Zelle or Venmo


Sadie has lessons every Monday at 5 pm. If she makes no changes to her schedule by November 15th, she will receive an invoice by November 22nd  for three lessons that month, as lessons will not be held on Christmas Day. For her 1 hour virtual lessons she will pay $150 on December 1st.

All bookings are virtual, if you would like for me to travel there is an additional travel fee if not within 15 miles of the Energy Corridor. (Houston, TX)

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